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The MCPHS Advantage

According to new data from the U.S. Department of Education, MCPHS students rank as the #1 top earners in New England a decade after enrolling.

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  • There’s a reason Boston is called “America’s College Town."

    If college is the time to start exploring the world, you’re looking in the right place. Located in the heart of Boston, MCPHS is a uniquely urban university, with all of Boston as its campus. Music. Art. Food. Culture. Shopping. Sports. And, of course, the reason you’re here: Education. Boston has it all, and it’s right outside your door. With 50+ colleges and universities in the metro area, “The Hub” (as locals call it) is home to one of the most vibrant and diverse student populations in the country, if not the world.

    Boston consistently ranks as one of the “Best College Towns and Cities1” and “Best Cities for Recent College Grads2.”

    1 American Institute for Economic Research, 2013-2014
    2 nerdwallet, 2014
  • Excellence is our next-door neighbor.

    Our state-of-the-art campus is in the heart of the Longwood Medical and Academic area, home to some of the world’s best hospitals and research institutions. Harvard Medical School. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Boston Children's Hospital. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Harvard School of Public Health. They’re all just a short stroll from our front door. With that comes the opportunity for jobs, internships, and research and volunteer positions that give you the chance to work with some of the best minds in your field. When you choose MCPHS, you’re not just getting one of the most well-rounded health science educations available. You're getting it in one of the most dynamic, intellectually driven cities in the world. Learn more about life on and off campus here.

    Garrett, a Premed and Health Studies major, came to MCPHS because its connection to the Longwood Medical Area—or what he calls "the Hollywood of healthcare.

Pride in the past. Passion for the future.

Founded in 1823, MCPHS is the oldest institution of higher education in Boston and the second-oldest pharmacy college in the country. From our inception, we’ve established a legacy of looking to what comes next in the health sciences. At MCPHS, we know the future of healthcare is increasingly centered on teamwork and diversity—and with our integrated health science focus, we’re uniquely positioned to prepare our students for just that.

MCPHS has produced countless leaders in the healthcare industry and is committed to shaping the health sciences for the next generation. We see our students as the future of an industry we are wholly committed to. Our mission is to arm them with the knowledge and skills that will lead to success for them and better science for all.

The School of Pharmacy. A distinguished history, a dynamic future.

As one of the oldest pharmacy programs in the country, our roots run deep in pharmacy education. And while we’re proud of our history in the field, we’re always looking to the future of pharmacy, too. Consistently recognized for excellence and innovation, MCPHS uses a learner-centered approach to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science education. With our integrated health sciences offerings, we bring a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to our students.

We offer a range of pharmacy programs, from a broad-based Pharmaceutical Science bachelor’s degree to an accelerated five-year Doctor of Pharmacy program for students looking to expedite their pharmacy careers.

Where the health sciences meet and mingle.

There are few universities where the health sciences come together like they do at MCPHS. Pharmacy. Public Health. Premed. Dental Hygiene. Nursing and more. At MCPHS, they don’t just coexist—they learn from and work with each other as an integrated team, just as they do in a real-life hospital or healthcare situation. It’s the evolution of how healthcare will work. And it’s already happening here at MCPHS.

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